Chicken Curry
Medium. Chicken cooked in spices and sauce
Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken cooked in very hot spices and pieces of potato
Chicken Rogan
Served in a special thick, spicy sauce with tomatoes
Chicken Dopiaza
Medium dry curry cooked with onions and green peppers
Chicken Dilkush
Chicken cooked with medium spices
Chicken Jalfreezi
Fairly hot curry with green chilli, sliced onion and green pepper
Chicken Madras
Medium hot chicken cooked in spices and lemon juice
Chicken Bhoona
Served with special thick, spicy sauce
Chicken Korma
Very mild, creamy curry with almonds
Chicken and Mushroom
Medium curry cooked with mushrooms
Chicken Kashmiri
Gently cooked with lychees and sultanas in a special thick sauce
Sag Chicken
Chicken cooked with spinach with light sauce
Sunday Buffet
The Mogul Wall Picture
Food Dish